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Give your products its final touch with personalised stickers. Great way to boost your branding. Easy, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

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Mirrorkote Sticker

Our best-selling sticker. Mirrorkote stickers are ideal for labelling products. They are cost-effective and ideal for mass production. 


Gloss finishing, non-tearproof and slightly water-resistant. 

Coming soon on our online store!


Waterproof Sticker

Waterproof stickers are durable, tear-proof and long lasting. Ideal for food packaging, glass bottles and other packaging material.

Available in 3 finishings: 

- PP* white matte

- PET** white gloss

- PET transparent




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Kraft Sticker

Printed of kraft material. Perfect for labelling door gifts. 

Brown kraft matte finish, non-tearproof and non-waterproof.


Vinyl Sticker

Perfect to apply on automobile and mirrors.

Vinyl stickers are waterproof and tear proof.

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Kiss-cut Stickers

Light cuts within the border of stickers with back sheet still intact.

Ideal for easy peeling from back sheet.


Die-cut Stickers

Custom-shaped stickers - cuts through the back sheet.

Ideal for handouts and and are preferred for its presentation.

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